A Notice of Opportunity for Hearing (NOH) details allegations by the Division for violation(s) of the Ohio Securities Actand gives a respondent notice of the right to an administrative hearing.

Final orders contain findings by the Division and represent the final disposition of a matter pending before the Division. All final orders of the Division contain appeal rights to common pleas courts within a specific time period as provided for in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 119.

The following administrative orders represent official action taken by the Ohio Division of Securities ("Division") pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1707 and Ohio Revised Code Chapter 119. Division orders are issued as either a "Notice of Opportunity for Hearing" or as a final order.

The Orders provided below are consistent with those provided by the Division of Securities to the Financial Industry Regulation Authority. For a complete listing of all Orders issued, please see the Division's listings of Monthly Enforcement Actions contained within the Press Releases section on our Web site.

REMEMBER, an NOH represents an allegation by the Division. Just as in the judicial process, an allegation by the Division will not necessarily result in a final order. NOHs are public records, but do not represent the final determination in a pending matter.

PLEASE NOTE: The online search function for Division orders is in the process of upgrade. Please note that the current search function may not retrieve all documents responsive to your query. For a comprehensive search, please contact the Division at (800) 788-1194.

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